Feb. 16th, 2012

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Feb. 16th, 2012 09:25 pm
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On Monday I woke up after 3 hours of sleep to have just missed our re estate agent calling saying that there's  possible showing in the early morning and that she'll stop by to check on me before they come. Cue me panicking because the family left a WONDERFUL mess in the house (laundry, dishes, shoveling the driveway, cat box, make all the beds, tidy up, sweep and mop), which thankfully I had just enough time to clean up and not pass out before the visitors came.

Anyway the visitor brought her agent, she loved the house and strangely enough they didn't even want to look in the basement? idgi. She said she'd call back later with an offer, without even thinking about. When my mother got home from work I told her about the showing and BAM not even 15 minutes later the same visitors come through again and within an hour they were already putting on offer through.


So now we have less than 45 days to pack everything up, find a new place, figure out how we're going to juggle the money around until the will is settled (would it be believable if I said that our lawyer just went to the courts this week to get my mother appointed heir to all this, agkalga;l) and actually move.

PS apartment hunting SUCKS.

I also finally got my blood donating card from the blood services this week, and my sister was betting I would be A or B, while I was calling on my blood being O because of I tended to have inherited more features from my father. And of course I'm right (O-) and my sister threw a hissy fit since she hates losing to me for the smallest of things.

I think I'll make a small update to my fic rec post this weekend at some point too. :3

Dear Sherlock fandom, particular the ones in the #believeinsherlock movement: ALL THE AWARDS FOR YOU, ALL OF THEM.


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