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Watson Irish breakfast, cinnamon, earl grey green
If comfort was a tea this blend would be it. The cinnamon was pretty strong in the bag (note to self: As much as you want to, don't smell this straight out of the bag. Your nose would thank you for it later), but once steeped it doesn't overpower the Irish breakfast and earl grey green. Pretty much a dead ringer for a character based tea, if I had to say so.

Mycroft chocolate chip, rooibos vanilla chai, cream
This blend is very sweet and rich and there is just an undertone of spices to hint at the power behind the man who is the British Government. A really good afternoon tea, or a tea to drink on a rainy day.

Reichenbach Recovery
earl grey bravo, hazelnut, caramel
I was skeptical about this one because like a lot of people I usually settled with whatever was cheapest at the grocery store that week and cringe later at the quality~*. In the bag, this tea is really pretty especially those little lilac colored flowers and smells really neat. First time I made a cup, I over steeped it for too long and it was pretty bitter. Second time was a huge success with a dash of milk and nothing else as I tend to find earl grey's after taste to be pretty sweet on my teeth. Now if only I could handle all my Reichenbach FEELS until Sherlock returns

The Mind and The Heart irish breakfast, berry blues, rooibos vanilla chai
A really tasty blend for Sherlock and John. The Irish breakfast and vanilla chai are great together, but the slight spiced jam taste (and all the jam jokes aside) from the berries just makes it such a fun blend to drink!

The Woman Honeybush vanilla, dewy cherry, lapsang souchong
In the bag it smells like cookies and cherries, and I could probably smell from the bag all day long if it wasn't considered bad time management skills from my mother. Steeped this tea has a vanilla flavour (that I swear tastes like cookies), with the light flavour of cherries and just a hint of the smokiness that caused those Holmes brothers such trouble.

The Government and the Inspector Chocolate chai, hazelnut, irish breakfast
cakecookiescakecookiescakecookies. (this is a mature review)

Having a bad day and need a pick me upper? Have a cup of Mystrade tea and let your troubles slip into background noise. I can definitely taste the chocolate chai and Irish breakfast and the hint of hazelnut bringing it together was lovely. *w* I drink this one with milk and 1 sugar cube, as it's pretty sweet on by itself.

#BelieveinSherlock Assam melody, Irish Breakfast and honeybush hazelnut
Out of all the blends I ordered this one is possibly my favourite of the bunch. It's very soothing and the perfect blend to curl up and drink a cup of.

Not a Bunny
white peach, cream, wild strawberry
A very light, fruity tea that's great served either straight or with some sugar. I really want to try this blend iced, especially in the summer weather!

100% Heroic tea rooibos cinnamon apple, hazelnut, caramel
I wish the roobios cinnamon apple was more predominant in this blend, because I find the caramel flavour especially do be pretty dominant in this blend. Overall though, this blend does taste pretty smooth, with just a hint of spice that reminds me very much of fandom's favourite ojisan.

Steve Rogers Spiced apple chai, almond, assam melody
Not so secret: I got my coffee-loving-tea-hating sister to like this blend: I feel so accomplished with myself for it. Very much tastes like warm apple pie or spiced cider with just a hint of almonds in it. Definitely a huge hit with us, and I'm looking forward to trying it iced.


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