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Nov. 21st, 2012 10:09 pm
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Sometimes I remember that I should dust off the hypothetical dust bunnies off my blog and actually make a post, but 99.9% of the time something shiny, scandalous or mind numbing interesting distracts me.

Well, in this case multiple things have been distracting me especially lately. Go figure.

Lots and lots of Dragon Age feels, despite not being overly fond of the 2nd game.

I only have 1 more course to upgrade to after I pass this chemistry grade 11 university one, and I'm already working on applying to college for the Sept '13 year (okay, I've been delaying this but I guess I'm taking OSAP and panicking afterwards). I just need to take courses in order to keep myself in the get-that-homework-done mentality, otherwise good luck on college Elyse.

Despite my complaining a lot (sorry twitterland!) I do love living in London Ontario, but sometimes I get such secondhand embarrassment. Today is another one of those days. Last March we had the Fleming Drive riot, and lately we've had the Mayor Fontana wedding scandal, and rather questionable behaviour from some of our councillors among a long list of things. I love this city, but sometimes it tests me. Like most post-secondary students, I do plan on booking it out of here when I'm done with college, to transfer to a university. Maybe one day I'll make plans to return, but not until this city makes a positive comeback. #demandinggingersyo

While I'm on being distracted: gooooodness I could kill for a haircut but it's unbelievably hard to find someone who can cut my kind of curly and very thick hair.

On another note, my sister returns for winter break mid-December and I got 2 tickets to see the Hobbit on December 14th!

I had plans to get some major job hunting done around early October but with the decision that we're definitely moving in February/March I've been talked into putting that onto the back burner again.

So here, since it's been a long time: have some pictures of my cats (also sorry twitterland again)

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ps: have I mentioned how I'm not looking forward to buying Christmas presents for my sister and mother, only because neither have giving me any clues to what they want? /head to desk/

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Aug. 24th, 2012 09:20 pm
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It's getting to that time of the year when I finally need to bite the dust and buy a new pair of headphones. Thankfully, since I had to buy my sister a cellphone I got a $100 gift card towards the cost. However, I'll probably look after I get back from our trip + dropping my sister off at Mount Allison since that'll give me some time to look into my choices.

Small to do list:
  • Water plants (indoor and outdoor), clean apartment, VACCCCCCUUUUM, make beds, clean out fridge, take garbage outside and clean cat box
  • Buy crickets for my crested geckos, make an instruction list for my friends coming over while I'm away, get them to pick up my mail
  • Move geckos into my sister's room for the week, put them all on a timer, feed Schrodinger.
  • Cry because my Wreck fan book hasn't arrive and I'm internally panicking because I hate shipping and Canada Post in general.
I'm all packed up for the vacation, with the exception of packing a carry on and confirming who's coming to visit my pets. Still not looking forward to waking up at 3:30am to leave for the airport, ughh too early.

Last week I had my wisdom tooth pulled, chew a cold sore on the other side of my mouth open, allergies to seemingly everything (especially people wearing perfumes again), and that beloved curse for woman has arrived with a vengeance. Bless pain killers, but I'm not looking forward to a trip on a plane while cramping.

Ayla found out that her will-be room mate is one of those EXTREME PARTY HARDERS, that lives about 15 minutes away from Mount Allison but is living on residence (?). I wish her the BEST OF LUCK all while cackling like a good older sister should. It's good to know that if I ever do decide to get my post secondary education out of London, that I'll automatically be looking for an apartment to rent because of my reptiles and cats. But first my immediate goals in life are to upgrade all my courses into university levels and get a job to earn some of the tuition money I'll need, so that I don't need to bank off OSAP and other loans.

This as been a useless post so I'm off to watch PARADE'S END, have Sherlock /FEELS/, and watch the mid-season finale of Suits tonight, hey maybe I'll even get some Skyrim or Dragon Age time in at that point. jkjk, change of plans. I'll just reread reapersex comics and laugh at this fandom.

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Aug. 9th, 2012 10:19 pm
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My mother and myself will be dropping my sister off in Sackville NB pretty soon. She's almost got all her things together before actually going out there, expect for calling the university and finding out what's going on about residence and OSAP for confirmation. My mother's boss already booked our plane tickets for the 27th, and my mother and I will be exploring around the east coast for a couple of days after ditching my sister before returning back to Ontario on the 4th.

On Friday half the power to our apartment decided to stop working, which was horrible timing because temperatures were well over 35 without counting humidex factors. After maintenance told us that he wasn't able to fix it and a electrician would be over on Monday, I quickly had to move ALL my crested geckos into my mother's room before they overheated or died. My sister's room still kind of had A/C working, so I moved my mac and ps3 there for a couple of days. I slept in my room, which was topping around 42-45. Anyway, the power was fixed Monday afternoon, but that was the long weekend was a huge waste for me.

One of my wisdom teeth has been causing me severe problems lately, this time it's managed to cut through a large cut of my gum but not enough that the piece has fallen out. I've barely been capable of eating solids in the last few days because everything hurts. Thankfully I have an appointment to get my tooth checked out next Thursday. The kicker (because there's always a kicker)? The dentist isn't sure that they'll be able to remove the tooth there, or if they'll have to referral me elsewhere. If it was my choice, I would have just booked it to that University Hospital and dealt with the students there because this not eating anything but chicken noodle soup is getting real old fast.

Class registration is on the same day that I leave for the east coast, go figure. So I'll be stuck calling ahead and going to school before hand. At least I won't have to deal with GROUP registration again, which in a way is perfect timing. I'm aiming for university level biology, chemistry or Earth and space science for semester 1 and 2, and searching for a part time job in my space time.

Well on the good news, hopefully by the time I get home all my orders will have arrived. So far I'm waiting on the 2 BBC's Sherlock fan books I orders, crested gecko food and 2 new plugs from bodyartforms, because I manged to lose one a few days ago. Ahhh, money. Why do you always leave me so quickly? Other than that I recently bought a 3Ds and Kingdom Hearts: Dream drop distance, which will be my flight entertainment, and Assassin's Creed 1. My video gaming list is getting far too long, but I want to finish most of Skyrim/KH:3D first then work on Dragon Age > Assassin's Creed and lastly replay Folklore. Oh, and I still need to buy my mother a birthday present before the 6th, THINGS TO DO, THINGS TO DO.

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Jul. 16th, 2012 10:06 pm
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Meanwhile in London Ontario, I'm suffering from constant headaches from the seemingly never ending heat waves and from the cicada's chirping around 24/7. I haven't had much motivation to do much unfortunately that means I haven't gone biking much and have been pretty restless but not restless because of it. Also when I try to sleep the heat away and stay up at night, my mother comes back from work screaming how I'm not going to amount to anything because of it. Awesome.
  • Heat waves all over Ontario the last couple of week, which as been both brutal for myself and my hair.

  • Since my last post I've seen Spiderman and Brave. I'll admit Brave wasn't what I was expecting, but I thoroughly enjoyed it (plus the soundtrack is fabulous). The Amazing Spiderman was good and certainly better then the Toby!Parker adaptions, but I'll call it a far stretch to call it amazing.

  • Got my 2nd Adagio tea order, slowly working up to writing another tea review post but I just can't drink tea in this heat often.

  • Someone send help, Skyrim has literally taken over my life. Looking back on it, I probably should have played Dragon Age: Origins first before tackling such an extensive game as Skyrim.

  • I spend much of last week calling Canada Post everyday because whoever was delivering mail to our apartment building was incapable of opening the door/putting the mail in the unit boxes/or left packages on the front porch steps to be stolen. Hint the package was my Qwertee shirt, which thankfully arrived this time (well after I stepped on when leaving the house).

  • Lastly I'm currently watching Kuroko no Baske, but since the fall anime line up looks boring and the tv line up shouldn't take up too much time I'm going to rewatch Avatar: the last airbender and Tiger&Bunny after I catch up. Ahh, living the high life.

  • This weekend 3 more baby crested geckos hatched and 4 more are left to go, which will be the end of what the my girl's breeding ever. I should probably take some pictures of the babies soon just to show how much they've grown.


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