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Oct. 7th, 2012 06:48 pm
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Shit, I'm definitely watching this fall
  • Downton Abbey, season 4
  • Dragons: Riders of Berk
  • K/ project K (whatever the actually title is)
  • Sword art online
  • QI
The maybe so, maybe not's list
  • Sukiette ii na yo
  • Shinsekai yoru
  • Zetsuen no tempest
  • Elementary, mostly only  because I upload it for a friend
  • Magi
Shows I really need to catch up to
  • Adventure time season 4 (4-12 a's and b's)
  • Copper 4-7
  • Baccano 1-3 + 3 specials
  • White Collar, season 4
  • Not a show but Kuroko no basket's manga (143/183)
  • Certainly not a show, but I'm hoping to beat Dragon Age: Origins by the end of October, YOU CAN DO IT ELYSE.
In other news I met up with a friend earlier this week to talk for hours on end. We've decided that a) we're going to cosplay homestuck trolls and b) get our butts to Anime North this year. Looks like I'll be going as Vriska, while she's hoping to go as a Grand Highboob Fem!Grand Highblood and her sister might go as Nepeta. OH THIS COULD BE FUN, lots and lots of fun. \O/

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Sep. 10th, 2012 08:27 am
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Things I've learned (and rather quickly)
  • Do not let your Mother's (former) boss book the plane tickets or hotels. Especially if he's not familiar with the area. Likely you'll wind up taking planes at 3:30 am, and get stuck in questionable inns nowhere near the local transit.
  • It probably would have been easier to fly to Moncton (get the rest of the stuff Ayla needed) > Sackville for 1-2 days > Halifax with my mother and myself. I honestly didn't get to see much because my mother refused to deal with transit or go exploring around.
  • Avoid using cabs if you can on the East Coast. MAN, THEY GOT IT GOOOOOOOOD (well not good for the passengers, but w/e w/e)
  • Avoid using the VIA rail, unless there is no reasonable way. Likely there will CRAZIES on board and crew who don't care to help you out. Not having wifi meant the ride from Halifax to Sackville was a snore fest, up until this obnoxious guy got on board and insisted I was a she-man and that my mother looks like Tom Cruise? Also he was incredibly loud and rude about / e v e r y t h i n g / and according to him I'm wasting my life away because I don't have a desire to ride a car?
  • Taking someone who's highly introverted and has social anxiety issues (me) through a tour of the Windsor Hall in Mount Allison was possibly the worst idea anyone could have come up with. Thankfully my sister did get moved into a more quiet house with one of those international students who are only there for a semester. And I got to run off the campus pretty quick.
  • Carpal tunnel or arthritis and eating crustaceans don't go hand in hand.
  • My hair misses the hell out of the east coast weather.
The fall season is going to be interesting for anime and tv shows.
  • Tiger & Bunny movie is out on Sept. 22nd (I full expect the internet to provide subs quick)
  • Madoka Magica movie 1 is out Oct. 6th and the 2nd movie is out on the 13th. (TEARS AND FEELS)
  • Magi should start airing in October
  • I'm not 100% sure if I'll watch Elementary because honestly I wasn't too impressed with the pilot episode.
  • QI returns with series J starting Sept. 14th if I remember correctly.
  • Parades End still has 2 more episodes to be released
  • I'm starting to watch Copper
  • Doctor who series 7: I may or may not continue watching it at this rate.
Well at least I was able to remember some CSS/html from ALL THOSE YEARS AGO. I ended up whipping up this as a basic template for my sister, should she actually choose to do something with it - who knows. Anyway, I'm just going to tidy up my room and finally get around to playing more Assassin's Creed in the afternoon and Copper/Kuroko's balls in the evening.

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Apr. 19th, 2012 08:29 pm
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Things that I want to happen:
a) For my old house to finally close, so that we can move on with our lives.
b) Kellogg's to not go on a possibly strike or lock down, because the timing is horrible.
c) For my body to kindly piss off. 3+ week period, and cramps bad enough to make me really nauseous.

This season's anime should be all out by now, and it looks like I'll be sticking with 3 shows this time: Sakamichi no Apollon, Tsuritama, Polar Bear Cafe and continuing watching Hunter X Hunter. As for TV shows, I'm definitely watching a handful this season, so at least I'm being kept entertained. Both Game of Thrones and the Borgias have returned for their 2nd seasons, Community should be wrapping up season 3 soon, Adventure Time and Legend of Korra. \O/  The problem with watching Game of Thrones and the Borgias: Sometimes the episodes are leaked out a week or so earlier, which is GREAT for watching and being ahead of everyone else, not so good for being stuck waiting 2 weeks for a new episode.

I've been spending the last few weeks, trying to recover all the files I lost when my 1TB hard drive crashed and burned on me, but having a monthly download limit with Rogers really does make things a challenge of patience. Hopefully in June we can switch to a different isp and maybe even get UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD LIMIT, god I don't even remember what those days were like anymore.

My female crested geckos have been laying eggs like champs for the last 2 months, since I had to put my male in their tank for a week while I fixed his tank (thanks cats, love you too). So far between the 2 they've laid 8 eggs, some which should be hatching early May through to the beginning of July. My sister has already been promised first picks, but I'm honestly not sure why she wants one, as she'll hopefully be heading off to New Brunswick in September for University. 2-3 babies have also been called for, by a couple of my sister's friends and the rest  I'll be keeping for myself. GIRLS, THIS IS THE ONLY TIME I'LL EVER LET YOU BREED SO ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS.

May's turning out to be a busy month coming up. I'll be going back to class (ENG3U) instead of self study, my birthday is on the 1st, Avengers is out on the 4th (but I maybe waiting till the Sunday to see it), free comic book day is the day after ( I WILL END ANYONE WHO SPOILS ME FOR THE AVENGERS WHILE I'M GETTING FREE BOOKS :<) and on the 18th I should be donating blood presuming I'm not sick. OH AND I CAN'T FORGET MEN IN BLACK 3 on May 25th. Yes May, you will be good for my fandom loving heart.

Someone needs to get me off bodyartforms, so many plugs on my wish list, so little money. Maybe when the house is finally sold I'll order myself a new pair of plugs since it's been a year with my blue glass ones. Now if only I could decide between this, this, this or this.
*w* I'm also on the look out for a 16g right nose stud with an emerald on it, but so far no luck unless I downsize to 18g. :|

Either I'm covered in bug bites, or my cats may have fleas. Really hoping it's just bug bites, but I did hear that the previous tenant of this apartment had dogs. If it fleas, I won't be able to touch them for weeks because of my sensitive skin and flea treatments. /SIGH/ Back to covering myself in calamine lotion, I guess.

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Apr. 4th, 2012 08:28 pm
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Things that have been driving me batty since my last post
  • My old place was to close March 30th, the insurance was cancelled, hydro was called for last payment and we were moving the day before.
  • 2 days before moving we get a call from our lawyer, who told us that the buyers for the house don't have enough money and to get an extension until the following Thursday.
  • Get a call today from our lawyer, who tells us that the buyers YET gain don't have enough money.
  • CUE IN PANIC MODE. We need that money to settle my uncle's debts, mortgage dues and because we can't afford to keep the house anymore.
  • Because the buyers left it 2 days before closing, if they don't get the money by Tuesday, we're be suing their asses one way or another.
  • My external hard drive decided that it wants to format itself instead of functioning correctly. I'm not in the mood to lose 350GB+ of data. Thankfully with the use of a few programs, I've managed to recover all my files except for my 23GB of music. That's been causing me the biggest of woes.
  • Physics exam April 10th at 8 am. WHY DID I EVEN AGREE TO THAT EARLY IN THE MORNING AGAIN
Good news is that we moved in super quick for all the stuff we brought, and we've settle in mostly. AND GAME OF THRONES SEASON 2.

I'm going to deny spending an entire day reading this Sherlock tennis AU. Everything is perfect and nothing hurt.


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