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Things that need to get done
  • Water changes on 2g, 10g and 30g by the end of the week
  • clean out the bathroom (again)
  • clean my crested gecko tanks glass, because ugh it's getting foggy
  • Get back into morning bike rides or walks: get more practise with your camera?
  • Look into train and plane tickets to New Brunswick for August.
  • Buy new plugs, and a smaller gauged nose screw I guess :|
  • Look into how to dual monitor with this iMac because gooooooood do I ever miss that.
Things that'll probably get done instead:
  • an embarrassing amount of hours spent playing Skyrim
  • Possibly start playing Dragon Age: Origins if I ever stop holding all these Skyrim feels
  • CULL back on the tabs Elyse: Currently at 46 and aiming to get around 25 (lol, yeah right)
Things to look forward to:
  • Another tea order: should arrive within a week, 1 bag for Ayla, 1 bag for a close friend (need to get paid for that), ship Mycroft blend to [personal profile] jamtreats and write reviews of the ones I'm keeping.
  • Qwertee order: I ordered a Cabin Pressure shirt but it never arrived, sent an email about it so hopefully the replacement gets here. ):
  • Canada day this weekend with my sister. Of course we're going to listen to Cabin Pressure until the fireworks, because it's been a thing between us for 2 years.


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