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Aug. 9th, 2012 10:19 pm
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My mother and myself will be dropping my sister off in Sackville NB pretty soon. She's almost got all her things together before actually going out there, expect for calling the university and finding out what's going on about residence and OSAP for confirmation. My mother's boss already booked our plane tickets for the 27th, and my mother and I will be exploring around the east coast for a couple of days after ditching my sister before returning back to Ontario on the 4th.

On Friday half the power to our apartment decided to stop working, which was horrible timing because temperatures were well over 35 without counting humidex factors. After maintenance told us that he wasn't able to fix it and a electrician would be over on Monday, I quickly had to move ALL my crested geckos into my mother's room before they overheated or died. My sister's room still kind of had A/C working, so I moved my mac and ps3 there for a couple of days. I slept in my room, which was topping around 42-45. Anyway, the power was fixed Monday afternoon, but that was the long weekend was a huge waste for me.

One of my wisdom teeth has been causing me severe problems lately, this time it's managed to cut through a large cut of my gum but not enough that the piece has fallen out. I've barely been capable of eating solids in the last few days because everything hurts. Thankfully I have an appointment to get my tooth checked out next Thursday. The kicker (because there's always a kicker)? The dentist isn't sure that they'll be able to remove the tooth there, or if they'll have to referral me elsewhere. If it was my choice, I would have just booked it to that University Hospital and dealt with the students there because this not eating anything but chicken noodle soup is getting real old fast.

Class registration is on the same day that I leave for the east coast, go figure. So I'll be stuck calling ahead and going to school before hand. At least I won't have to deal with GROUP registration again, which in a way is perfect timing. I'm aiming for university level biology, chemistry or Earth and space science for semester 1 and 2, and searching for a part time job in my space time.

Well on the good news, hopefully by the time I get home all my orders will have arrived. So far I'm waiting on the 2 BBC's Sherlock fan books I orders, crested gecko food and 2 new plugs from bodyartforms, because I manged to lose one a few days ago. Ahhh, money. Why do you always leave me so quickly? Other than that I recently bought a 3Ds and Kingdom Hearts: Dream drop distance, which will be my flight entertainment, and Assassin's Creed 1. My video gaming list is getting far too long, but I want to finish most of Skyrim/KH:3D first then work on Dragon Age > Assassin's Creed and lastly replay Folklore. Oh, and I still need to buy my mother a birthday present before the 6th, THINGS TO DO, THINGS TO DO.

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Jul. 26th, 2012 11:31 pm
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Been feeling utterly drained lately as my mother has been taking the stress of her youngest daughter leaving soon for university out on me. Yes, I screwed up in high school when I wasn't switched into academic level courses (despite asking for it numerous times), Yes, I don't really have a game plan on what I'd like to do with my life because I'm so pessimistic about the future, but I do consider myself to having a vague idea what I'd like do to. And most importantly, I really don't need mother to attempt to manage my life, if I want to get back into having my everyman sleep schedule, because I feel like I can function better, just let me without giving me the lectures about how I'm ruining my life.

Gecko egg laying season is definitely over now, anymore eggs that are not infertile will be disposed of safely as I'm done trying to cope with this train wreck I got myself into. In total I've had 9 crested geckos hatched (2 are mine, 1-2 are my sister's, and the rest will be handled after I figure out their gender in a while), with the last 4 eggs still sitting in a container. A few weeks back, a friend of my sister took 2 of the babies for himself after he got all the supplies. After taking the geckos home, I was informed that his girlfriend and himself are heading to Halifax for univeristy. 2 days ago, I he comes to visit my apartment, saying that he's run into a problem-o: his landlord won't allow him to bring the crested geckos with him, but will allow his cat. Great. I volunteered to take care of them for the year, as long as I'm supplied the food and equipment, until he figures out what he's doing what to do. On top of those, I'm also to take care of my sister's geckos has she's heading to New Brunswick.

Kiss my bedroom space good-bye Elyse, just kiss it.

I'm finally getting a pretty good handle on this mac, but oh god I spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to figure out how to get geektools to work with a weather script before giving up and using the weather network app. I'm good at fiddling around with most things, but those scripts, I just couldn't get to work in London Ontario. Maybe I'll eventually reteach myself CSS/html or throw myself into the seemingly limitless world of science (minus bloody physics) again one day /stares wistfully outside the window dreaming/

Things I need to get done this week:
  • Take our Roger's tv boxes back and get them replaced, call Rogers about cancelling the phone and internet services with them.
  • Switch to another internet provider (possibly Techsavvy or Distrubutel) for unlimited download and get a new phone provider that's cheap
  • Trim my cats nail's, make a list of items I need to get at the reptile expo in September*, top up water in all my fish tanks.
  • Figure out which courses I'm going to register for at Wheable and figure out my game plan for ~*post secondary~*
  • retype a resume (lost my old one, whoops), type a new one for my Mother.
  • Make sure my sister is on the right track to leave at the end of August for Mount Allison > also plan for hotel and plane's because VIA's out of the question now).
Oh and I've come across a new self-imposed rule with my family: under no circumstances am I do let it slip about my fandoms/ships or whatever I'm ordering. Getting lectured by my sister and mother for Sherlock Holmes ships because I ordered Reapersun's Wreck fanbook and I will burn the art out of you (slow service, but it seems like the lines are finally moving) oh god that was an awkward dinner time.

On lighter news, the KON movie was beautiful, as soon as my download limit resets I'm downloading Kuroko no bishonen, Kuroko no harem, Kuroko no gay Kuroko no Basket and the 3rd episode of Sword art online. Oh and at some point, I'm rewatching Tiger&Bunny, because best bros ever.

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Jul. 16th, 2012 10:06 pm
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Meanwhile in London Ontario, I'm suffering from constant headaches from the seemingly never ending heat waves and from the cicada's chirping around 24/7. I haven't had much motivation to do much unfortunately that means I haven't gone biking much and have been pretty restless but not restless because of it. Also when I try to sleep the heat away and stay up at night, my mother comes back from work screaming how I'm not going to amount to anything because of it. Awesome.
  • Heat waves all over Ontario the last couple of week, which as been both brutal for myself and my hair.

  • Since my last post I've seen Spiderman and Brave. I'll admit Brave wasn't what I was expecting, but I thoroughly enjoyed it (plus the soundtrack is fabulous). The Amazing Spiderman was good and certainly better then the Toby!Parker adaptions, but I'll call it a far stretch to call it amazing.

  • Got my 2nd Adagio tea order, slowly working up to writing another tea review post but I just can't drink tea in this heat often.

  • Someone send help, Skyrim has literally taken over my life. Looking back on it, I probably should have played Dragon Age: Origins first before tackling such an extensive game as Skyrim.

  • I spend much of last week calling Canada Post everyday because whoever was delivering mail to our apartment building was incapable of opening the door/putting the mail in the unit boxes/or left packages on the front porch steps to be stolen. Hint the package was my Qwertee shirt, which thankfully arrived this time (well after I stepped on when leaving the house).

  • Lastly I'm currently watching Kuroko no Baske, but since the fall anime line up looks boring and the tv line up shouldn't take up too much time I'm going to rewatch Avatar: the last airbender and Tiger&Bunny after I catch up. Ahh, living the high life.

  • This weekend 3 more baby crested geckos hatched and 4 more are left to go, which will be the end of what the my girl's breeding ever. I should probably take some pictures of the babies soon just to show how much they've grown.

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Apr. 19th, 2012 08:29 pm
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Things that I want to happen:
a) For my old house to finally close, so that we can move on with our lives.
b) Kellogg's to not go on a possibly strike or lock down, because the timing is horrible.
c) For my body to kindly piss off. 3+ week period, and cramps bad enough to make me really nauseous.

This season's anime should be all out by now, and it looks like I'll be sticking with 3 shows this time: Sakamichi no Apollon, Tsuritama, Polar Bear Cafe and continuing watching Hunter X Hunter. As for TV shows, I'm definitely watching a handful this season, so at least I'm being kept entertained. Both Game of Thrones and the Borgias have returned for their 2nd seasons, Community should be wrapping up season 3 soon, Adventure Time and Legend of Korra. \O/  The problem with watching Game of Thrones and the Borgias: Sometimes the episodes are leaked out a week or so earlier, which is GREAT for watching and being ahead of everyone else, not so good for being stuck waiting 2 weeks for a new episode.

I've been spending the last few weeks, trying to recover all the files I lost when my 1TB hard drive crashed and burned on me, but having a monthly download limit with Rogers really does make things a challenge of patience. Hopefully in June we can switch to a different isp and maybe even get UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD LIMIT, god I don't even remember what those days were like anymore.

My female crested geckos have been laying eggs like champs for the last 2 months, since I had to put my male in their tank for a week while I fixed his tank (thanks cats, love you too). So far between the 2 they've laid 8 eggs, some which should be hatching early May through to the beginning of July. My sister has already been promised first picks, but I'm honestly not sure why she wants one, as she'll hopefully be heading off to New Brunswick in September for University. 2-3 babies have also been called for, by a couple of my sister's friends and the rest  I'll be keeping for myself. GIRLS, THIS IS THE ONLY TIME I'LL EVER LET YOU BREED SO ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS.

May's turning out to be a busy month coming up. I'll be going back to class (ENG3U) instead of self study, my birthday is on the 1st, Avengers is out on the 4th (but I maybe waiting till the Sunday to see it), free comic book day is the day after ( I WILL END ANYONE WHO SPOILS ME FOR THE AVENGERS WHILE I'M GETTING FREE BOOKS :<) and on the 18th I should be donating blood presuming I'm not sick. OH AND I CAN'T FORGET MEN IN BLACK 3 on May 25th. Yes May, you will be good for my fandom loving heart.

Someone needs to get me off bodyartforms, so many plugs on my wish list, so little money. Maybe when the house is finally sold I'll order myself a new pair of plugs since it's been a year with my blue glass ones. Now if only I could decide between this, this, this or this.
*w* I'm also on the look out for a 16g right nose stud with an emerald on it, but so far no luck unless I downsize to 18g. :|

Either I'm covered in bug bites, or my cats may have fleas. Really hoping it's just bug bites, but I did hear that the previous tenant of this apartment had dogs. If it fleas, I won't be able to touch them for weeks because of my sensitive skin and flea treatments. /SIGH/ Back to covering myself in calamine lotion, I guess.

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Apr. 4th, 2012 08:28 pm
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Things that have been driving me batty since my last post
  • My old place was to close March 30th, the insurance was cancelled, hydro was called for last payment and we were moving the day before.
  • 2 days before moving we get a call from our lawyer, who told us that the buyers for the house don't have enough money and to get an extension until the following Thursday.
  • Get a call today from our lawyer, who tells us that the buyers YET gain don't have enough money.
  • CUE IN PANIC MODE. We need that money to settle my uncle's debts, mortgage dues and because we can't afford to keep the house anymore.
  • Because the buyers left it 2 days before closing, if they don't get the money by Tuesday, we're be suing their asses one way or another.
  • My external hard drive decided that it wants to format itself instead of functioning correctly. I'm not in the mood to lose 350GB+ of data. Thankfully with the use of a few programs, I've managed to recover all my files except for my 23GB of music. That's been causing me the biggest of woes.
  • Physics exam April 10th at 8 am. WHY DID I EVEN AGREE TO THAT EARLY IN THE MORNING AGAIN
Good news is that we moved in super quick for all the stuff we brought, and we've settle in mostly. AND GAME OF THRONES SEASON 2.

I'm going to deny spending an entire day reading this Sherlock tennis AU. Everything is perfect and nothing hurt.

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Mar. 18th, 2012 06:54 pm
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Belated welcome to [personal profile] ectothermic and to anyone else I may have missed lately! I'm Elyse and I can mostly be found on twitter and tumblr these days. I'm Canadian, INTJ (heavy notice on the introverted part) and since I'm hopeless at socializing I've taken to abusing the living muffins per say out of keyboards.

I'm so embarrassed to be living in London Ontario right now, it's actually pretty sad (especially because I've tolerated a lot of stuff coming from London). Last night was St. Patrick's day, and boy does London know how to throw a riot apparently.

In case anyone doesn't know already, there was an approximately 1000 person riot down on Flemming Drive (which is about a 10 minute walk from my house near Fanshawe College) that resulted in over $100,000+ dollars in damage, police cruisers damaged and a CTV suv was flipped over and set on fire. I was able to see the fire from my bedroom window around 10pm, which got me on twitter to see what was going on down there. Rioters were throwing bricks, beer bottles, fence boards etc at the police causing them to have to retreat back and contain the riot until 4am, when they were finally able to get in and get the fire out.

Basically, any time London makes it's noticed in the news world, it's never really for anything good. :|

In other news, we're moving officially on the 29th! We're also trying to get the apartment a week earlier so that I can get our fish tanks in and make sure cable is working and that there is nothing wrong to report to the landlord. Still have quite a bit to pack away, but most of the stuff left now is last minute packing + furniture + pets.

It would also be lovely if the insurance company could decide if their going to charge us the now $55,000 in mortgage or not. The company is apparently waiting to hear back from the doctor who took my uncle's blood work (but couldn't reach the phone number or bother to send a letter in the mail saying GET TO THE HOSPITAL IT'S AN EMERGENCY [ps, yes I am still very much bitter and angry about this]) before they make a final decision.

I need to be banned from adagio.com. My goodness, if this house ever settles and I get my money back I know that I'm going to spend a very good chunk of it on the Sherlock/Steve Rogers/ Good Omens and Tiger & Bunny tea blends.

I'm finally getting around to watching Avatar: the Last Air Bender (okay so I haven't seen the entire thing I'll admit it. But I'm blaming that on YTV sucking something major) while desperately trying to avoid Korra spoilers (and failing hard). BUT IT'S CHEESY, DEPRESSING AND SUCH A FUN SHOW. Hopefully, I'll get time to watch season 2 this week.

Nisemonogatari ended this week, and I feel like there's a SHAFT sized hole in my heart that already misses the show ;_;

And I'm off to go read some fics or lurk tumblr some more, haven't decided which comes first but I'm working on it.

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Feb. 1st, 2012 07:45 pm
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Yesterday the coroner's report for my uncle's death finally arrived. Just not with news that I could at least accept and make peace with. The report says that yes he died of chronic heart disease, severe anemia (which he had blood work done at a walk-in clinic but they never told him the results), colon cancer and a lung infection. But it also stated that the coroner believes he could still be around today if the clinic had bothered sent him a letter saying "GET TO THE HOSPITAL ASAP" when they couldn't get a hold of him as they didn't ask for his new phone number or contacted his emergency contact (which is my mother). SERIOUSLY. SERIOUSLY... just /FLIPS ALL THE BLOODY TABLES/ (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

If citi financial decides to reinstate the mortgage again, my mother is seriously going to ask a lawyer for advice about this because I swear there's no way this should be allowed anyway. /crosses fingers that they just leave us alone/

Depressing news aside: I've been pretty busy the last 2 weeks with several house showings, physics homework (to which I am a master procrastinator of) and cleaning the house constantly because my family does love to make a mess for me. At least our agent is SUPER CONFIDENT about selling this house, and possibly getting it to go into a bidding war~

Today was #TweetYourSherlockTee day and I did manage to threaten my useless camera enough to function for 30 seconds I mean lovingly encourage it to work /cough/

The green one is my #believeinsherlock movement shirt, which is just made with those cheap fabric paints in a bottle that I'm super fond of because if I manage to screw it up using those I should be written off as a lost cause. OH MAN, I just noticed how FIERCE the glare on it looks, I swear it doesn't look that shiny in real life, akgalg;. Oh and my consulting detective and Moriartea shirts are above. The next time I get a spare shirt, I'm super tempted to either make a DEATH FRISBEE!Deerstalker one or make I AM SHERLOCKED.

Doing laundry has been made interesting by my 2nd oldest cat, who can't stay out of the dryer long enough for me to fold all the clean clothes. If I try to move her out, she gets all HISSY and the CLAWS COME OUT. :| Why can't I have well behaved cats: Abby (the white one below) is a professional shit disturber, Lucifer (my black one) is one super needy/paranoid cat with a LOUD MOUTH and Lucky (the oldest, and only male cat) is a food stealer. ps flash never looks good on cat's eyes, asdgjlk


And I'm off to go do semi-productive things, just not sure what of yet. /living the high life apparently/


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