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Mar. 18th, 2012 06:54 pm
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Belated welcome to [personal profile] ectothermic and to anyone else I may have missed lately! I'm Elyse and I can mostly be found on twitter and tumblr these days. I'm Canadian, INTJ (heavy notice on the introverted part) and since I'm hopeless at socializing I've taken to abusing the living muffins per say out of keyboards.

I'm so embarrassed to be living in London Ontario right now, it's actually pretty sad (especially because I've tolerated a lot of stuff coming from London). Last night was St. Patrick's day, and boy does London know how to throw a riot apparently.

In case anyone doesn't know already, there was an approximately 1000 person riot down on Flemming Drive (which is about a 10 minute walk from my house near Fanshawe College) that resulted in over $100,000+ dollars in damage, police cruisers damaged and a CTV suv was flipped over and set on fire. I was able to see the fire from my bedroom window around 10pm, which got me on twitter to see what was going on down there. Rioters were throwing bricks, beer bottles, fence boards etc at the police causing them to have to retreat back and contain the riot until 4am, when they were finally able to get in and get the fire out.

Basically, any time London makes it's noticed in the news world, it's never really for anything good. :|

In other news, we're moving officially on the 29th! We're also trying to get the apartment a week earlier so that I can get our fish tanks in and make sure cable is working and that there is nothing wrong to report to the landlord. Still have quite a bit to pack away, but most of the stuff left now is last minute packing + furniture + pets.

It would also be lovely if the insurance company could decide if their going to charge us the now $55,000 in mortgage or not. The company is apparently waiting to hear back from the doctor who took my uncle's blood work (but couldn't reach the phone number or bother to send a letter in the mail saying GET TO THE HOSPITAL IT'S AN EMERGENCY [ps, yes I am still very much bitter and angry about this]) before they make a final decision.

I need to be banned from adagio.com. My goodness, if this house ever settles and I get my money back I know that I'm going to spend a very good chunk of it on the Sherlock/Steve Rogers/ Good Omens and Tiger & Bunny tea blends.

I'm finally getting around to watching Avatar: the Last Air Bender (okay so I haven't seen the entire thing I'll admit it. But I'm blaming that on YTV sucking something major) while desperately trying to avoid Korra spoilers (and failing hard). BUT IT'S CHEESY, DEPRESSING AND SUCH A FUN SHOW. Hopefully, I'll get time to watch season 2 this week.

Nisemonogatari ended this week, and I feel like there's a SHAFT sized hole in my heart that already misses the show ;_;

And I'm off to go read some fics or lurk tumblr some more, haven't decided which comes first but I'm working on it.

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Mar. 9th, 2012 01:56 pm
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We're be moving in 2-3 weeks to the new apartment, and oh boy, am I ever tired of packing things up. A lot of my mother's possessions are glass antiques or cast iron statues which make me INSANELY nervous packing them away. Other that the breakables, I need to worry about buying a smaller fish tank to replace the 45 gallon and how the cats are going to handle being uprooted (hint: not very well).

I finished off the last unit for my self study course and I'm going to need to pull off a miracle if  I have any hopes of passing the exam and course. I've cross referenced books, reputable online sources and my old teachers for the answers but the teacher marks me wrong on my answers because I used a different formula then her books possibly have. :|

And the problem is no matter how many times I've tried to contact this teacher,  I haven't succeed once. /resists the urge to kick things/

I did watch a Monster in Paris and book 1 of Avatar: the Last Air Bender this month in between packing, which was fun. Monster in Paris is such a fun and I love the character designs far too much. I decided to watch Avatar from the start again, because I do remember never finishing it off before I lost YTV years ago. But alas, I'm slowly fixing this (well slowly only because I can't download much thanks to Rogers) and everyone is super endearing, even the Zuko in his own way.

Oh and I've been slowly converting one of my old bookcases into a bigger snake enclosure for Schrodinger. I just wish it was easier to source out a place for cheap piece of glass or plexiglass for the door. GUYS, I'M CHEAP AND BROKE, STOP THAT.

I wish Livejournal would implement a way to remove journals which are still friending you. Though, if I had to be honest I really only check up with the few Sherlock communities and people who still use LJ for a blog. And I barely can read comments as it is, so reading fic meme posts have been a challenge. OH WELL.


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