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Oct. 2nd, 2012 11:14 pm
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Welcome liver I do update dreamwidth occasionally, but I'm more often found on twitter or reblog silly things on tumblr should you feel free to follow those if you do *w*

 Small things to mention
  • Canada Conservatives just stop. stop. stop. stop.
  • Ontario Liberals just stop. stop. stop. stop.
  • London city councillors just stop. stop. stop. stop.
  • I accidentally threw myself into the Kurobas fandom. I'm less than 50 chapters away from being caught up (which is pretty impressive seeing as I've only been reading it for 4 days + carpal tunnel
  • I survived living downtown during homecoming weekend without getting too much headaches, Roger's entire servire cutting off for 5+ hours through Ontario and parts of Canada and the Doctor Who mid-season finale with only a single tear.
  • One of my cat's broke into the tank with my 9 crested gecko babies, thankfully none of them are dead, but one of them dropped its tail and does have a bite mark healing. :|
On more detailed note

Likelihood of living in this apartment longer than the lease agreement are dwindling rapidly. There's only so much I can tolerate of the tenant in the building next door with his drums and mouldy couch, a leaky roof and those stairs. Note to self next apartment needs to either be on the first or 2nd floor but I'd prefer the main floor. Because my sister is way out in Mount Allison, she won't be getting a say in the matter but we will hold off the big move until she's back for the summer (even if we start packing by the end of March when our lease officially ends)

Well that and we don't know the future of the Kellogg's plant (my mother works as a cook/manager in the cafe) and if it'll be closing down because of the multiple upcoming lay offs.

At least registration for semester two at Wheable is coming up (on the 11th, I believe), so that will give me something p r o d u c t i v e to do with myself until I can get my health issues dealt with and find a job. I'll be taking either 3U chem or 4U biology depending on which class is running in the morning. 

Anyway I'm going to spend the night with a couple cups of tea, Granada!Holmes, sending off a few emails and reading some more Kurobas. I'm the most / p r o d u c t i v e / person yet


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