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Mar. 9th, 2012 01:56 pm
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We're be moving in 2-3 weeks to the new apartment, and oh boy, am I ever tired of packing things up. A lot of my mother's possessions are glass antiques or cast iron statues which make me INSANELY nervous packing them away. Other that the breakables, I need to worry about buying a smaller fish tank to replace the 45 gallon and how the cats are going to handle being uprooted (hint: not very well).

I finished off the last unit for my self study course and I'm going to need to pull off a miracle if  I have any hopes of passing the exam and course. I've cross referenced books, reputable online sources and my old teachers for the answers but the teacher marks me wrong on my answers because I used a different formula then her books possibly have. :|

And the problem is no matter how many times I've tried to contact this teacher,  I haven't succeed once. /resists the urge to kick things/

I did watch a Monster in Paris and book 1 of Avatar: the Last Air Bender this month in between packing, which was fun. Monster in Paris is such a fun and I love the character designs far too much. I decided to watch Avatar from the start again, because I do remember never finishing it off before I lost YTV years ago. But alas, I'm slowly fixing this (well slowly only because I can't download much thanks to Rogers) and everyone is super endearing, even the Zuko in his own way.

Oh and I've been slowly converting one of my old bookcases into a bigger snake enclosure for Schrodinger. I just wish it was easier to source out a place for cheap piece of glass or plexiglass for the door. GUYS, I'M CHEAP AND BROKE, STOP THAT.

I wish Livejournal would implement a way to remove journals which are still friending you. Though, if I had to be honest I really only check up with the few Sherlock communities and people who still use LJ for a blog. And I barely can read comments as it is, so reading fic meme posts have been a challenge. OH WELL.

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Feb. 28th, 2012 08:22 pm
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So on great news, we found an apartment to move into and will be doing so by the end of March. It's in an older house downtown in a really neat area and for the price we're paying, dang do we get a lot of space. While I'm sad to see all my hard work in decorating this house so, I'm looking forward to starting on the apartment (and we got permission to paint which is A++)

On the bad news, I'm stuck downsizing my 45 gallon fish tank, our lawyer still hasn't finished his end of the work and citi financia still hasn't made up their mind if we'll be charged $53,000+ for the loan or not. I wish they'd make a decision as of last week, because my oldest cat may need a check up at a vet's soon and I don't have the money to deal with this right now.

Because of how busy I've been for the last couple of weeks, I've seriously been neglecting my physics coursework. In a distance dreamworld I was hoping to have completed this course by January when I started up, but real life got in the way so hard and now I'm just scraping by to motivate myself into finishing this last unit and bullshitting the exam like a boss. While I know I could enjoy self study courses, I loathe the way it's taught in these books and by taught I mean not taught.

Oh I'm sure I'm missing out on a few things to write about, but my eye balls are twitching from my 1.5 hours of sleep thanks to swollen tonsils and a killer back pain. A+ Off to bed early this time self.

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Feb. 16th, 2012 09:25 pm
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On Monday I woke up after 3 hours of sleep to have just missed our re estate agent calling saying that there's  possible showing in the early morning and that she'll stop by to check on me before they come. Cue me panicking because the family left a WONDERFUL mess in the house (laundry, dishes, shoveling the driveway, cat box, make all the beds, tidy up, sweep and mop), which thankfully I had just enough time to clean up and not pass out before the visitors came.

Anyway the visitor brought her agent, she loved the house and strangely enough they didn't even want to look in the basement? idgi. She said she'd call back later with an offer, without even thinking about. When my mother got home from work I told her about the showing and BAM not even 15 minutes later the same visitors come through again and within an hour they were already putting on offer through.


So now we have less than 45 days to pack everything up, find a new place, figure out how we're going to juggle the money around until the will is settled (would it be believable if I said that our lawyer just went to the courts this week to get my mother appointed heir to all this, agkalga;l) and actually move.

PS apartment hunting SUCKS.

I also finally got my blood donating card from the blood services this week, and my sister was betting I would be A or B, while I was calling on my blood being O because of I tended to have inherited more features from my father. And of course I'm right (O-) and my sister threw a hissy fit since she hates losing to me for the smallest of things.

I think I'll make a small update to my fic rec post this weekend at some point too. :3

Dear Sherlock fandom, particular the ones in the #believeinsherlock movement: ALL THE AWARDS FOR YOU, ALL OF THEM.

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Feb. 13th, 2012 11:34 pm
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I promise for an actual post tomorrow or Wednesday but ASDHKLK I'M SO EXCITED

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Feb. 1st, 2012 07:45 pm
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Yesterday the coroner's report for my uncle's death finally arrived. Just not with news that I could at least accept and make peace with. The report says that yes he died of chronic heart disease, severe anemia (which he had blood work done at a walk-in clinic but they never told him the results), colon cancer and a lung infection. But it also stated that the coroner believes he could still be around today if the clinic had bothered sent him a letter saying "GET TO THE HOSPITAL ASAP" when they couldn't get a hold of him as they didn't ask for his new phone number or contacted his emergency contact (which is my mother). SERIOUSLY. SERIOUSLY... just /FLIPS ALL THE BLOODY TABLES/ (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

If citi financial decides to reinstate the mortgage again, my mother is seriously going to ask a lawyer for advice about this because I swear there's no way this should be allowed anyway. /crosses fingers that they just leave us alone/

Depressing news aside: I've been pretty busy the last 2 weeks with several house showings, physics homework (to which I am a master procrastinator of) and cleaning the house constantly because my family does love to make a mess for me. At least our agent is SUPER CONFIDENT about selling this house, and possibly getting it to go into a bidding war~

Today was #TweetYourSherlockTee day and I did manage to threaten my useless camera enough to function for 30 seconds I mean lovingly encourage it to work /cough/

The green one is my #believeinsherlock movement shirt, which is just made with those cheap fabric paints in a bottle that I'm super fond of because if I manage to screw it up using those I should be written off as a lost cause. OH MAN, I just noticed how FIERCE the glare on it looks, I swear it doesn't look that shiny in real life, akgalg;. Oh and my consulting detective and Moriartea shirts are above. The next time I get a spare shirt, I'm super tempted to either make a DEATH FRISBEE!Deerstalker one or make I AM SHERLOCKED.

Doing laundry has been made interesting by my 2nd oldest cat, who can't stay out of the dryer long enough for me to fold all the clean clothes. If I try to move her out, she gets all HISSY and the CLAWS COME OUT. :| Why can't I have well behaved cats: Abby (the white one below) is a professional shit disturber, Lucifer (my black one) is one super needy/paranoid cat with a LOUD MOUTH and Lucky (the oldest, and only male cat) is a food stealer. ps flash never looks good on cat's eyes, asdgjlk


And I'm off to go do semi-productive things, just not sure what of yet. /living the high life apparently/
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