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Aug. 24th, 2012 09:20 pm
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It's getting to that time of the year when I finally need to bite the dust and buy a new pair of headphones. Thankfully, since I had to buy my sister a cellphone I got a $100 gift card towards the cost. However, I'll probably look after I get back from our trip + dropping my sister off at Mount Allison since that'll give me some time to look into my choices.

Small to do list:
  • Water plants (indoor and outdoor), clean apartment, VACCCCCCUUUUM, make beds, clean out fridge, take garbage outside and clean cat box
  • Buy crickets for my crested geckos, make an instruction list for my friends coming over while I'm away, get them to pick up my mail
  • Move geckos into my sister's room for the week, put them all on a timer, feed Schrodinger.
  • Cry because my Wreck fan book hasn't arrive and I'm internally panicking because I hate shipping and Canada Post in general.
I'm all packed up for the vacation, with the exception of packing a carry on and confirming who's coming to visit my pets. Still not looking forward to waking up at 3:30am to leave for the airport, ughh too early.

Last week I had my wisdom tooth pulled, chew a cold sore on the other side of my mouth open, allergies to seemingly everything (especially people wearing perfumes again), and that beloved curse for woman has arrived with a vengeance. Bless pain killers, but I'm not looking forward to a trip on a plane while cramping.

Ayla found out that her will-be room mate is one of those EXTREME PARTY HARDERS, that lives about 15 minutes away from Mount Allison but is living on residence (?). I wish her the BEST OF LUCK all while cackling like a good older sister should. It's good to know that if I ever do decide to get my post secondary education out of London, that I'll automatically be looking for an apartment to rent because of my reptiles and cats. But first my immediate goals in life are to upgrade all my courses into university levels and get a job to earn some of the tuition money I'll need, so that I don't need to bank off OSAP and other loans.

This as been a useless post so I'm off to watch PARADE'S END, have Sherlock /FEELS/, and watch the mid-season finale of Suits tonight, hey maybe I'll even get some Skyrim or Dragon Age time in at that point. jkjk, change of plans. I'll just reread reapersex comics and laugh at this fandom.

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