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Jul. 26th, 2012 11:31 pm
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Been feeling utterly drained lately as my mother has been taking the stress of her youngest daughter leaving soon for university out on me. Yes, I screwed up in high school when I wasn't switched into academic level courses (despite asking for it numerous times), Yes, I don't really have a game plan on what I'd like to do with my life because I'm so pessimistic about the future, but I do consider myself to having a vague idea what I'd like do to. And most importantly, I really don't need mother to attempt to manage my life, if I want to get back into having my everyman sleep schedule, because I feel like I can function better, just let me without giving me the lectures about how I'm ruining my life.

Gecko egg laying season is definitely over now, anymore eggs that are not infertile will be disposed of safely as I'm done trying to cope with this train wreck I got myself into. In total I've had 9 crested geckos hatched (2 are mine, 1-2 are my sister's, and the rest will be handled after I figure out their gender in a while), with the last 4 eggs still sitting in a container. A few weeks back, a friend of my sister took 2 of the babies for himself after he got all the supplies. After taking the geckos home, I was informed that his girlfriend and himself are heading to Halifax for univeristy. 2 days ago, I he comes to visit my apartment, saying that he's run into a problem-o: his landlord won't allow him to bring the crested geckos with him, but will allow his cat. Great. I volunteered to take care of them for the year, as long as I'm supplied the food and equipment, until he figures out what he's doing what to do. On top of those, I'm also to take care of my sister's geckos has she's heading to New Brunswick.

Kiss my bedroom space good-bye Elyse, just kiss it.

I'm finally getting a pretty good handle on this mac, but oh god I spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to figure out how to get geektools to work with a weather script before giving up and using the weather network app. I'm good at fiddling around with most things, but those scripts, I just couldn't get to work in London Ontario. Maybe I'll eventually reteach myself CSS/html or throw myself into the seemingly limitless world of science (minus bloody physics) again one day /stares wistfully outside the window dreaming/

Things I need to get done this week:
  • Take our Roger's tv boxes back and get them replaced, call Rogers about cancelling the phone and internet services with them.
  • Switch to another internet provider (possibly Techsavvy or Distrubutel) for unlimited download and get a new phone provider that's cheap
  • Trim my cats nail's, make a list of items I need to get at the reptile expo in September*, top up water in all my fish tanks.
  • Figure out which courses I'm going to register for at Wheable and figure out my game plan for ~*post secondary~*
  • retype a resume (lost my old one, whoops), type a new one for my Mother.
  • Make sure my sister is on the right track to leave at the end of August for Mount Allison > also plan for hotel and plane's because VIA's out of the question now).
Oh and I've come across a new self-imposed rule with my family: under no circumstances am I do let it slip about my fandoms/ships or whatever I'm ordering. Getting lectured by my sister and mother for Sherlock Holmes ships because I ordered Reapersun's Wreck fanbook and I will burn the art out of you (slow service, but it seems like the lines are finally moving) oh god that was an awkward dinner time.

On lighter news, the KON movie was beautiful, as soon as my download limit resets I'm downloading Kuroko no bishonen, Kuroko no harem, Kuroko no gay Kuroko no Basket and the 3rd episode of Sword art online. Oh and at some point, I'm rewatching Tiger&Bunny, because best bros ever.
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