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Things that need to get done
  • Water changes on 2g, 10g and 30g by the end of the week
  • clean out the bathroom (again)
  • clean my crested gecko tanks glass, because ugh it's getting foggy
  • Get back into morning bike rides or walks: get more practise with your camera?
  • Look into train and plane tickets to New Brunswick for August.
  • Buy new plugs, and a smaller gauged nose screw I guess :|
  • Look into how to dual monitor with this iMac because gooooooood do I ever miss that.
Things that'll probably get done instead:
  • an embarrassing amount of hours spent playing Skyrim
  • Possibly start playing Dragon Age: Origins if I ever stop holding all these Skyrim feels
  • CULL back on the tabs Elyse: Currently at 46 and aiming to get around 25 (lol, yeah right)
Things to look forward to:
  • Another tea order: should arrive within a week, 1 bag for Ayla, 1 bag for a close friend (need to get paid for that), ship Mycroft blend to [personal profile] jamtreats and write reviews of the ones I'm keeping.
  • Qwertee order: I ordered a Cabin Pressure shirt but it never arrived, sent an email about it so hopefully the replacement gets here. ):
  • Canada day this weekend with my sister. Of course we're going to listen to Cabin Pressure until the fireworks, because it's been a thing between us for 2 years.

Date: 2012-06-28 09:35 am (UTC)
glamjam: (Night sky)
From: [personal profile] glamjam
Cabin Pressure shirt? AWESOME.

Date: 2012-06-28 10:50 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] ectothermic
Are you coming to Canada-New Brunswick or US-New Brunswick? Via Rail just announced they're cutting most of the train service to the east coast so you might as well train it while you still can. They have wireless and power outlets! But if you fly it's usually cheapest to do WestJet into Moncton if you can.

To dual-monitor you just plug the HDMI or whatever into the Thunderbolt port (you will need an adapter) and it should recognize it. Then to change which is the first monitor and which is the second and where the second one is in relation to the first you go to Display in the Preferences pane and click on the boxes. Mine is set up so that the extra screen is the "first" monitor, which means it has the topbar and fullscreen stuff shows up on it and then I can have twitter or whatever open on my laptop screen underneath.

Date: 2012-06-28 11:38 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] ectothermic
I'll be honest with ya, I drove the 14 hours from NB to Hamilton when I moved and 18 hours moving back from Hamilton to Halifax. It sucked, but I would not have wanted to do it by plane. You could also mail some stuff there, but that can get expensive too.

Yes, you will want HDMI-goodness. I don't know which is cheaper, but you can also get rocketfish adapters for apple stuff at future shop and also I think best buy? It was still stupidly expensive, like 40$.


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