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May. 9th, 2012 10:00 am
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My birthday was on May 1st, and sadly it was pretty uneventful. Went to class for the afternoon and spend the rest of it having a movie marathon over msn with a friend. As my sister loves to joke, there's few people she knows in real life that is a) of legal age b) not hitting up the bars and c) prefers not to party. Ahhhh, the quite life for me.

Free comic book day was on Saturday, and while I did have a great time in the stores, waiting in the lines to get in most of those stores was horrible. I went with my sister about 2 hours before the stores opened and the lines were already an hour plus wait for most of the stores. After 2 years of trying to get a sonic screw drive on FCBD, I finally managed to buy one of the smaller versions that just lights up. I also managed to find a Sherlock Holmes book that has Study in Scarlet and a handful of the other short stories for $6 (instead of $18). At least we both took home a huge load of books this time: now I just need to find a place to store them and last year's stuff.


2 We also managed to see Avengers on that Saturday. HUGE LINE UPS, but beyond worth it. Also we've got to be one of the only ones, who decided to watch movies (Thor in our case) while waiting in line to be let in. I was skeptical about Mark Ruffalo playing the Hulk, only because it seems like the big guy is either a tragic miss or a pretty good hit, but Ruffalo!Hulk nailed it. Also I have so many Loki feels, how do I hold all of them. Actually, I have a lot of FEELS for all the characters but Loki and Bruce are on top of the list.

Thank Marvel for giving us 2 after-credit endings. The first one had whoever was left in the shows fist-pumping and cheering like mad and the second one had everyone in stiches of laughter. After saving the day, shawarma party is the best way to end it.

Also on Saturday, I finally bought an itouch to replace my getting-old Creative Zen x-fi mp3 player. While I'm pretty good with computers and most technology myself, I am beyond itunes challenged. Took me forever to turn off automatic syncing and figure how to get songs of the same album together. /shakes fist/ At least everything also is pretty neat and I do love the interface.

2 more of my crested gecko eggs hatched. One on my birthday (May 1st) and another the day after. Cute little guys, just a pain in my rears to hand train and get used to feeding.


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