Sep. 10th, 2012

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Sep. 10th, 2012 08:27 am
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Things I've learned (and rather quickly)
  • Do not let your Mother's (former) boss book the plane tickets or hotels. Especially if he's not familiar with the area. Likely you'll wind up taking planes at 3:30 am, and get stuck in questionable inns nowhere near the local transit.
  • It probably would have been easier to fly to Moncton (get the rest of the stuff Ayla needed) > Sackville for 1-2 days > Halifax with my mother and myself. I honestly didn't get to see much because my mother refused to deal with transit or go exploring around.
  • Avoid using cabs if you can on the East Coast. MAN, THEY GOT IT GOOOOOOOOD (well not good for the passengers, but w/e w/e)
  • Avoid using the VIA rail, unless there is no reasonable way. Likely there will CRAZIES on board and crew who don't care to help you out. Not having wifi meant the ride from Halifax to Sackville was a snore fest, up until this obnoxious guy got on board and insisted I was a she-man and that my mother looks like Tom Cruise? Also he was incredibly loud and rude about / e v e r y t h i n g / and according to him I'm wasting my life away because I don't have a desire to ride a car?
  • Taking someone who's highly introverted and has social anxiety issues (me) through a tour of the Windsor Hall in Mount Allison was possibly the worst idea anyone could have come up with. Thankfully my sister did get moved into a more quiet house with one of those international students who are only there for a semester. And I got to run off the campus pretty quick.
  • Carpal tunnel or arthritis and eating crustaceans don't go hand in hand.
  • My hair misses the hell out of the east coast weather.
The fall season is going to be interesting for anime and tv shows.
  • Tiger & Bunny movie is out on Sept. 22nd (I full expect the internet to provide subs quick)
  • Madoka Magica movie 1 is out Oct. 6th and the 2nd movie is out on the 13th. (TEARS AND FEELS)
  • Magi should start airing in October
  • I'm not 100% sure if I'll watch Elementary because honestly I wasn't too impressed with the pilot episode.
  • QI returns with series J starting Sept. 14th if I remember correctly.
  • Parades End still has 2 more episodes to be released
  • I'm starting to watch Copper
  • Doctor who series 7: I may or may not continue watching it at this rate.
Well at least I was able to remember some CSS/html from ALL THOSE YEARS AGO. I ended up whipping up this as a basic template for my sister, should she actually choose to do something with it - who knows. Anyway, I'm just going to tidy up my room and finally get around to playing more Assassin's Creed in the afternoon and Copper/Kuroko's balls in the evening.


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